dietz Posts:263 Followers:1
On 07/12/2012 12:45 PM in General

Saratoga Race Course

Almost time for the seasonal write up of the Saratoga Racing season..... going to be a different year. Lots of up and coming jockeys to look at and some veterans who are coming off injuries after bad spills. Once again the Saratoga Race Course is on of the most difficult tracks to handicapp, but it does have the potential to make lots of money with the purse prices.

The quality of the horses that come to Saratoga are the best in the country. Opening day is 8 days away. Write ups next week.

bobalou Posts:5405 Followers:148
07/12/2012 01:01 PM

Looking forward to your writeups Dietz...

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thehitman Posts:3079 Followers:5
07/12/2012 01:26 PM

Going to visit there in a few weeks, haven't been there in many moons........No serious capping, just a "fun" day at the races. Great place, great horses, great surroundings.

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dietz Posts:263 Followers:1
07/12/2012 01:35 PM

It is just a great place to be. You said it. Some days I will go for the last 3 races, just walk over. People watching, the atmosphere, just the thing to do when the season comes around. I am going all day opening day and then a few times during the season with friends from NYC, family birthday party another and of course Travers. There may be more times in between if the luck is running well.

Keep in touch as you get closer. If you have any questions about the town, places to go don't be afraid to ask.

bigger5kpb Posts:165 Followers:0
07/12/2012 06:18 PM

Have a summer house up in warrensburg along the hudson river bout 40 minutes north of saratoga. My grandfather got me started in gambling up there when i was about 7. great times and great place. The Adirondacks are heaven to me.

spooky Posts:4697 Followers:319
07/12/2012 08:10 PM

Havent been there in years but has to be one of the best places anywhere and I have gone to Monmouth many a day and that is a nice track but just doesnt compare.

Hitman definitely hit up the Dietz man. He is one of the best there is. If you dont believe me, just ask him. :)

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dietz Posts:263 Followers:1
07/16/2012 10:06 AM

I have been going to Saratoga since I was 5 and have been in the Adirondacks the same. My parents moved off Long island several years ago and now live in Bolton Landing. Not to far from Warrensburg Digger. I go over there often for Oscars Smoke house. BEST!! I lived in Saratoga for years and only recently moved away (only 25 miles away) I still bartend once in a while in Saratoga, actaully have a few shifts next week. Always get a few tips from excercise riders and trainers......of course will share them with you all.