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Trent Dilfer Film Study

I follow Trent Dilfer on Twitter, pretty interesting stuff. He breaks down the two teams and gives you insight through Twitter. @TDESPN if you are so inclined.

Anyhow, he is in the process of breaking down the Was/NYG game, I'll share his tweets with the gang here. Let me know what you think.

Here they are in succession, keep in mind tweets are kept to 140 characters per tweet, so there will be some short hand mixed in. Mostly translatable

1. #filmstudy NYG D, Played terrible zone D all day.No continuity or route recognition, Huge space in zones, NO reroute to disrupt timing of QB

2. #filmstudy NYG D, all but one 3rd dn stops by D vs. Skins came on blitz or man cov. schemes. Giants need to have good mix on D for success

3. #filmstudy NYG D, Big plays against came when Gmen guessed run with D call & when they were playing zone D, Rex was #DEALING on Early downs

4. #filmstudy WAS O, Shanahan dialing up chunk yardage passes for Rex, showing HUGE confidence. Rex didn't disappoint. Rex #slicing$dicing

5. #filmstudy NYG D, Lb's showed good discipline against Skins zone run game. Big runs came when Gmen were stunting and Skins adjusted

6. #filmstudy Rex Grossman, 4/4 & 2TD's in RZ. #Dealing in critical moments. Jump on Rex bandwagon now, kid going to have a good year. #amnesia

7. #filmstudy Rex Grossman, vs Gmen could've been even better. 2 huge drops on 3rd dn for at least 50 yards in scoring territory.

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09/15/2011 03:24 PM

#filmstudy NYG D, Zone cov play can be corrected w/time&reps in practice.Many secondaries will struggle in Sept. residual of lockout