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On 09/15/2011 11:32 AM in NCAA Football

2 over/unders i like

well i already posted over 59 boise/toledo love that play
added 2 more last yr neb killed wash like 59-21..i see the same here or at least a very high scoring game, the number is 55 i think neb can get in the 40's 1 star play

other game mich st/n.dame..we seen how n.dame gives up points..and with to's it gives greater chances for scores...this game could be wilder then the mich game..lol over under is 51 i like it alot last yrs score 34-31..i see it about the same both teams should score alot...and i truly like n.dame here too i will play a small play on them..it scares me the way they turn the ball over..thats why i love the over so much i know it can work against me...being in the red zone and not scoring..but i see maybe kickoff ret's or punt ret's i think at least 3 td's will come from def and special teams here
gl all 151 this is a 2 star play

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09/15/2011 11:37 AM

Good Luck Nice write ups