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On 07/01/2012 11:16 PM in General

The Newsroom

Anyone watching/getting into The Newsroom on HBO? I'm not saying it's great or the characters are super noteworthy, but I do enjoy seeing the inside aspect of a TV station/newsroom/airport/newspaper etc. The generalities and intricancies of a real TV newsroom are all authentic, so it offers a nice insight.

And seeing that I can't take True Blood, it's a nice alternative on Sunday Nights on TV #1 opposite the ball game which I have muted. I found episode #1 better than tonight's. I hope it doesn't turn into a soap opera type setting.
The scene with Will's interview with the Arizonian with a rifle was hilarious.

As a sidenote, I'm going to miss Luck, too bad it had to be cancelled.

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