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On 07/01/2012 07:13 PM in General

Mom's Balloons

A little boy was taking a shower with his mother and, curious, he asks "What are those things on your chest?" Not wanting to answer, she changes the subject. Later on the kid asks his father the same thing.
"Those are balloons, his daddy told him. When mommy dies they will inflate and she will float right up to heaven."
A couple of weeks later the father comes home from work early, only to be greeted by his little boy running out of the house in tears. He runs up to his father's car and cries "Daddy, daddy, mommy is dying." "She's what?" The father exclaimed.
"She's dying, she's dying. Mommy & Uncle Harry have no clothes on and he's laying on her and blowing up her balloons and she's screaming "Oh, God, Oh, God, I'm coming!"

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