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On 06/30/2012 01:35 PM in MLB

Marksmoneymakers Question for you

Actually anyone can answer but I know Marks keeps up with Philly. I was wondering have you seen or read much about C. Lee and what's going on with him? I have never seen him have such a down season. I know he & his wife are remodeling their home in Arkansas and it has turned into a huge project (From what I hear from back home his wife is extremely hard to please) but surely that isn't bothering him - then again an upset wife and trouble with builders I suppose could trouble the mind! I have to wonder? For a while I was thinking it was just the team around him because he was throwing strikes and basically pitching well but had no run support. Now I just don't think he's pitching well at all.

Lee is from near my home town in Arkansas and I've kept up with his career since high school, I was Just curious as to what you thought might be going on with him.

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06/30/2012 07:45 PM

Up until the past couple of starts where he has struggled, he numbers were fantastic. He was just not getting any run support. I think maybe it is starting to effect him mentally now, knowing he has to be nearly perfect. Also when you don't have a single win, you press more and more.

I am really sick about my phillies this year. Now they traded Thome to Baltimore. Are they giving up? I hope not. Howard is due back right after the Allstar break and Utley is doing decent. We need Halladay pitching like he used to as well. I am already starting to think about football season. Then again I am a Dolphins fan.