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THURSDAY NIGHT -LSU at Mississippi St

Thurs. Night- LSU at Mississippi St
This, has in the past, been a very hated rivalry with LSU dominating 29-7 in 2010, 30-26 in 2009 and 34-24 in 2008. In 2007 and 2006 LSU crushed the Bulldogs 45-0 and 48-17 respectively. I look for this years outcome at Bulldog Stadium to be a reversal of the past, although when one team has the other teams number for such a long time, the upset is often hard to come by.

Last week LSU had a walk in the park vs Northwestern State 49-3. In the first game of the season they got by a very good Oregon team 40-27. After a rather sluggish start vs N.W. St., senior QB Jarrett Lee completed 9 of 10 for 133 yds and 1 TD. Sophmores Michael Ford rushed for 72 yds on 13 carries, and Alfredo Blue contributed 53 yds on 15 carries. Junior wide receiver Rueben Randle had 5 snags for 121 yards. Last year he had 33 catches for 544 yds and 3 he should be a respected threat. Like I said, LSU had a stroll in the park, so to speak completely dominating in total yds 400-95. In my personal opinion 400 yds is not a lot of total yardage versus such a weak oponent.

Now on to the Bulldogs, who lost to rival Auburn 34-41 in an extremely close contest. The only thing that wasn't extremely close was the stats. The Dogs surpassed the Tigers 198 to 146 in total passing yds(they are both primarily rushing teams) and 333 to 235 total rushing yards. Did I say primarily rushing? I guess so....333 yards on the ground vs a decent defense is quite a feat.They had 31 first downs to Auburn's 21. With 531 to 381 total yards one might assume that the wrong team won the game. Believe me, the wrong team did!!

The Bulldogs ground it out in the 4th quarter on the short end of a 41 to 34 score and ended up on the 1 yard line with 18 ticks on the clock and no time outs. But Vick Ballard on two very quick attemps could not cross the goal line, and the game ended with the ball on the one, and Ballard looking for something to punch. I think that disappoitment that he felt will inspire him against LSU. Things have a way of working out that way in sports competitions.

Senior QB Chris Relf completed 20 of 33 arial attempts for 195 yds and 1 TD and 1 int. He also rushed for 106 yds on 27 carries for a 3.9 avg/rush. Senior running back Vick Ballard, who could easily be the game changer, scampered for 135 yds on 21 carries for an avg of 6.4 yds/carry, and connected on 5 receptions for 64 yds. Last season he only had 10 receptions for 106 yards all year. Junior Brandon Heavens grabbed 3 out of the air for 46 yds and 1 TD, while junior Chad Bumpis got 31 yds on his 2 rec. It seems that the Bulldogs have improved a bit thru the air.

I think Mississippi St wins this in a close contest as a 3 point dog. But I am a "dog player." The only thing that worries me is if LSU gets out to a sizable lead early(which could happen), the Dogs which are a rushing team might find it hard to catch up. Good luck whatever you play.

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