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couple of games jump at me here....
wash-4..hmm looks good to me, but ariz+4 is -115..i think wash wins this by at least 7....thought it would be 6.5 is the line i had....alsost.louis +6 now if the qb is ok i think this is a gift...giants didnt show me anything, i actually think st.louis wins this outright my line was 4...i make my own lines everyweek, and see how i do..this week hadem kinda close on a few....
i had pitt-10 not 14...had n.o.-7...n.e.-7.5....jets-9.5 says ity opened at 12 dont believe that...oak 4.5 opened at 4 i think..dall-5 was2.5 that one really scares me..begging to bet dall..im not biting...had philly-1 on the nose....had gb-9.5 not 11.5....its hard in the nfl to give over 13 pts...as an opening line..dont see it to often...had det-8.5 about right but those 2 jump at me any thoughts?? 151

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