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On 06/27/2012 10:45 AM in MLB

Umpire Thought!!

OK hear me out... I am not one for instant replays that delay the games but I have a crazy thought (I have lots of them actually but anyway).... You know how in football they have that one extra ref that sits in the booth and reviews each play real quickly.... rarely do we hear from him but he's there watching for when he's needed.... anyway why can't bases have the same... for several reasons but here are my main thoughts. The way things are now if they question a home run, the umps have to go off the field, watch the tapes, blah blah blah... look how much quicker it would be in there was already a guy in the booth watching... BUT MY MAIN REASON... for these long foul balls that hit the line and the chalk flies up and the stupid refs on the field call it foul instead of fair because they are too busy running out there to stop and pay attention... if a guy was sitting in the booth watching, the minute there was any question (AS IN COACHING AND PLAYERS THROWING FITS) that guy in the booth could buzz down... FAIR BALL...


Or when a guy is clearly safe and they call him out or visa versa

OK maybe it would slow the game a little too much but wouldn't you rather have the calls right... Perhaps 3 challenge flags LOL

Actually I'm just venting but you got to admit it's something to think about even if for only a few minutes when the calls are clearly wrong and they go against ya!

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06/27/2012 12:15 PM

Yes I totally agree buddy. Umpires always mess up a a lot of crucial calls. Like that ball foul ball hit during the Yankee game last night and the umpire called it a catch when it was clearly dropped. They definitely need to review those plays and get their shit together.


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06/27/2012 12:50 PM

Ok Bob a lou i agree. This sounds like a great job for you. Remember all of your Buddies at BTB we will need comp tickets


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06/27/2012 12:55 PM

LMAO....good one boogs!!!

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06/27/2012 02:34 PM

You must like the oldies, like Frank Sinatra. He is my favorite.


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