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On 09/14/2011 06:22 PM in NFL

cinn/denver 151

well to me anyway, the nfl is a bit harder then college...had a few last week that didnt work and a few that won big..
ok im going to my 5 pt theory this week..i need to find a site where i can get the 1st lines put out i go to a few they all have diff numbers...but i found 1 and i do like it....cinncy was +5.5 now they are 4 i got it at 4.5...now they are not a home dog but i still like it and so did alot it moved 1.5 pts already, i can see why after watching denver monday...they scored 1 td, and on that drive the raiders gave them 40 yds in penaltys..one was a 3rd and 10, inc pass but def penalty gave them auto 1st down....
so i am on cinncy here 2 stars gl 151

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