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On 06/23/2012 09:22 AM in MLB

It is Time for Miami to start winning

The Miami Marlins are a much better team than they have been playing, and they have been playing horrible. I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I know they have lost atleast five in a row and the Cubs announcers last night gave a remarkable figure (I am struggling to remember exactly) of about losing 16 out of their last 22 games.

This team has some talent and can still make a run in this division. Josh Johnson is on the mound today. It is time the big man pitches a complete game. My logic here is simple. The Marlins either right the ship quickly or their season will be over by the All Star break.

If you are not comfortable with the "Due Factor" then don't bet this game. If you feel as I do that the Marlins have too much talent to keep losing then place a medium sized wager on the Fish.