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On 06/19/2012 10:17 AM in MLB

I must be Man Pretty because the baseball gods let me go 4-0 on Monday - Another Good one tonight

MIchael Kelso has nothing on the Coopster. With a solid 4-0 swee p last night, I look to keep the momentum going with just one strong play, atleast for now.

You have on paper a strong pitching match up in Detroit tonight Lance Lynn 10-2 versus Justin Verlander 6-4. Lynn is new to this level of success and Verlander is a veteran who has been coming on as of late. This is a chance for Lynn to really prove himself as a Cy Young candidate by beating last years AL Cy Young, MVP on the road. However, I like Verlander and the Tigers to win this game by 2 runs.

Take the Tigers.

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