pacino Posts:20 Followers:1
On 09/14/2011 03:05 PM in General

Ease of access

I have noticed a huge decrease of posts especially from some of my favorite people. I can only assume it's due to how hard it is to post and live a busy life. I recently signed up on sbr merely for the ease of access. What a horrible time to have this happened In the beginning of NFL. I don't want to constantly bitch but my comments if handled would increase and add value to the business surrounding this forum. It's so incredibly slow, its compared it to 1989 prodigy bulletin boards. The back button is Jerry rigged and why in the world do I have to select the post I want to read twice. Why can't we sign up on forum runner? Money helps move people, I am willing to donate money, as I am sure, others would to get some extra people on this to improve the site.

junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/14/2011 03:25 PM

What posters are you looking for? I am sure if the are a member Ryan can contact them. And Ryan has had a lot going on so give him a break and a little time. And feel free to post your stuff any info, thoughts or selection on the games. I may have missed them but I have not seen much of that from you. If I am mistaking please forgive me and thanks for your input on the new site


  • 09/14/2011 04:00 PM

    Junk-There are two types of people. Those who extract value and those who add. Just because I don't copy other peoples articles and paste them doesnt mean I only extract. I am willing to make a sizable donation to get this forum on Forum Runner. Although the forum doesnt exist without posters, I feel I offered value in another way.

    Dont divert the thread. If your looking for more posts from members create another thread.

    Your Former Fan

  • 09/17/2011 11:52 AM

    Thanks for your input

    FYI under 4 figures is not size able in the forum game

spooky Posts:4726 Followers:319
09/14/2011 03:44 PM

Pacino.......great post and thank you. Yes the football season just started and yes it was done at a difficult time. But sometimes you have to take 1 step back to take 2 steps forward. We will work diligently in getting all the issues resolved and definitely appreciate your constructive remarks.

Thank you for your offer but that is not necessary. With the new addition to the BTB family. Our founding father has been literally becoming a new father. So lets give it some time and trust me we are having a huge increase in views we just need to get the guys logged in and posting more.

It will happen and your support is really appreciated.

Hang in there and keep on posting. It will be noted and acknowledged.

Thanks again and good luck.

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mgnficnt Posts:15 Followers:0
09/14/2011 03:55 PM

I have also noticed a decrease as well. I rarely even come on here anymore due to the lack of activity. It's a royal pain to come here honestly. I realize it's a new look and people need time to adjust but this setup just doesn't make sense. A poll should be taken among users to see what the overall consensus is. I do believe I'm not the only one who feels this way. A majority of my time recently has been spent on sbr as well. Going from this setup to theirs feels like I'm getting out of a 2001 Pontiac and getting into a 2011 Mercedes. Ridicilous !!!!
This forum at least needs to get back on forum runner, that was the main reason I came here. I will donate money as well!!!

bobalou Posts:5449 Followers:148
09/14/2011 03:57 PM

I couldn't agree more with the comments made. Please know that the programmers and Ryan are reading every praise as well as complaint and suggestions that comes in. They have been working to get all the things we've asked about included or tweaked but it just takes a little time. I feel Ryan becoming a new father has given him the right to a few days to spend with his family and I know you feel the same but please don't think your concerns are not being heard. They are.

I couldn't agree more that football season is a tough time for this to be happening but I personally feel it will be worth it in the long run. If you know of people that are having problems logging in - as in can't remember the email address they registered with or have changed their email address and therefore don't know the old ones please have them email and we'll do everything we can to get them logged in. They can email Ryan or I can help if you want to email me at

I truly hope you'll bare with us and continue to post!


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mgnficnt Posts:15 Followers:0
09/14/2011 04:10 PM

Is forum runner supported on this current version of this forum?

junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/14/2011 04:19 PM

I can honestly say I do not know That is a question for the programers or Ryan. Ryan just brought his new baby home and told me he would be on later tonight. So if everyone can hag on I am sure he will respond



pacino Posts:20 Followers:1
09/14/2011 04:19 PM

Barb and Spook

Thank you for your responses. I am not asking for these changes to made this week. I of course am supportive of Ryan taking time with his family.

Can we register with Forum Runner? It appears that its a matter of registration and a few programing additions.

junkmansports Posts:1135 Followers:26
09/14/2011 04:24 PM

Again Ryan has to do that the mods have no control over that I am sure he will look into it

Thanks for the input


btb Posts:2279 Followers:163
09/14/2011 10:27 PM

Unfortunately things cant be fixed overnight.. Programmers are well under way with a faster design and mobile friendly site for all phones. We are still on target for the beginning of October if not sooner. Forum Runner is not an option as this site no longer uses VBulletin which every other forum on earth seems to run this is our own product. And will allow much more in the long run.

There probably is never a good time to make a change no matter how good the product as some people will always like the old. I wanted to separate BTB from the rest and realize that with the bumps some will stop posting or may go else where. Cant control that but in life you always have to take some gambles and thats the business we are in. So please be patient if you dont like or have problems with the new forum suggestions always help.

Appreciate the offers but we dont need any donations, things can only move so fast. It was only less then 2 weeks ago that people started asking for a more friendly mobile version and we are still on schedule!

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