bobalou Posts:5406 Followers:148
On 06/12/2012 12:08 AM in NBA

Series line up 15?

2 days ago I saw the series line for OKC at -155 tonight it is -170! Is a 15 point jump normal for this type of series bet? I can't remember seeing one jump that much but then the playoff finals don't happen but once a year so perhaps I just don't remember it? Thoughts?

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nikalibobwa Posts:886 Followers:10
06/12/2012 06:59 AM

not a lot of experience with series bets like this, but i watched lines through the early rounds of the stanley cup this year. from that i noticed a lot of flutuation from day to day with the lines. having said that, i would say it is not uncommon to see that type of line swing.

jimmythegreek Posts:12655 Followers:393
06/12/2012 09:17 AM

To support Niky's point, knowing that OKC has such a huge home court advantage I am also not surprised by this jump. However remember that even if OKC does take the first 2 games at home it will not be easy to wrap things up so fast because the next 3 take place at the AA Arena. The Thunder are just as capable to steal a game or two on the road and really need to be focused these first few games. If Miami is on the ropes at home it could be just as easy to bounce back by taking all 3 or giving up the series depending on how the first few pan out.

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