marksmoneymakers Posts:28670 Followers:142
On 06/10/2012 07:22 PM in MLB

ONLY four games on Monday???

What kind of schedule is that? That happened one day this past week as well I think.

jimmythegreek Posts:12474 Followers:391
06/10/2012 07:51 PM

Anytime you have a transition to Interleague or are in the midst, there's going to be an oddball schedule of games at least once due to travel days and length of series. The good thing is, is at least it makes up for Thursdays being skimpy.

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bill2266 Posts:1089 Followers:20
06/11/2012 02:57 AM

totally agree Jimmy

marksmoneymakers Posts:28670 Followers:142
06/11/2012 07:22 AM

You are right Jimmy, I guess it is good for the players. I guess the commissioner does not consider us gamblers when making the schedule. LOL...........I think I will write our congressmen about this issue.