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On 06/09/2012 09:23 AM in Soccer

Netherlands - Denmark

I think, as many others, that Germany and Holland will be the one qualifying from this group, and as I have mentioned before I think Portugal and Denmark have the same class and will battle for third place. However, that Denmark is as good as Portugal won't help them here, since Holland are even better. Holland have great goal scorers in Van Persie, Huntelaar and so on and they have got their attacking game going, winning 6-0 against Northern Ireland and 2-0 against Slovakia.

Denmark are good, I need to point that out, and they might have a chance for spoling the party for Holland, and that's the reason I won't go heavy stake on Holland win. Because this might be a draw, I actually think Denmark are able to, if they get their game going. Then why this bet? Reason:

I see this game going either Denmark shocking and being able to get a draw, O R, Holland will get their game going early and get an early goal and playing as the great team they are. I don't think tight 1-0 is what we expect. Therefore I'm going medium stake on high odds for Holland because it's very realistic that they win both halves. I mean, they beat Slovakia by only 2-0 but still they won both halves.

Holland also know this is a must win to compete with Germany.

I see value in these odds.