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On 06/09/2012 12:44 AM in General

Belmont Stakes............

Well, here we go again with the third leg of the Triple Crown and just when we thought we had a real good chance to break the Triple Crown jinx it hits the racing world again. I'll Have Another is out with a sore tendon. This really does not change my win bet, just changes my exotics. First, the race of champions. 1 1/2 miles over a monster track. If you have never seen Belmont track in person is it a gigantic race track/course. Jockeys say they get lost riding here for the first time. You can fit the entire Saratoga Track on this infield. It is that big. This is a long race, Bodemiester is not running because it would not stand a chance at this distance, not a shot.

I came close in the Kentucky Derby with Dullahan, had the right horses in the Preakness, but not the right order. I did pick a long shot in Went the Day Well and he did not even show up. Bad call by me, but agian, you had to make money with a long shot as the exotics really did not bring home the bacon. This race may bring home some money and here are my picks.

My original pick would have been a $1 super box with Dullahan, Street life, I'll Have Another, and Union Rags. I would have hoped that I'll Have Another came in 3rd with two longer shots on top. That leads me to my picks........

Dullahan was my choice in the Derby and finished closing full of run, but missd by 1 1/2 lengths. He did not run in the Preakness and he will be well rested for this race. The jockey change here will be a huge help as Costellano knows Belmont and is a very good jockey. Desormeaux is spriralling out of controll with personal problems and lost the mount, but he picks up Gayuna Star Dweej.
The horse I like to pay some money and possibly give Dullahan a run at the end is Street Life. I have watched videos of this horse closing on his races and he looks like a porsche coming down the stretch. This horse will be in the top 3, no doubt in my mind.

Union Rag is a tough call. Dullahan beat him once already and since then the horse has just not shown up. Owners make a jockey change from Laparoux to the top jockey of Johnny Valasquez. At one point this horse was considered the best horse in the country and Kentucky Derby favorite. What will this horse do? My thought is this, he will try to run a quick pace and tire out some of the others and then hold pace to win. He did this with Dullahan and lost so how can he do it agian? I just don't see this horse winning, but would not be a total shock if he does cause Johnny V. is just that good to ride him the perfect trip.

One horse that seems to be getting much respect is Paynter. Baffert is sly, he knows his horses and this horse is bred to go long and no race loves a closer like the Belmont. Have to throw him in the super.

I am going for value and money here....
$2 triple box Dullahan, Union Rags, Street Life. ($12)
$20 Win on Street Life. I like Dullahan, but he may go off at 2-1, Street Life will be 10,12 or 15-1. ($20)
$5 super stright Dullahan, Street Union Rags Paynter. ($5) yes, this is back up bet.
$2 Super wheel, Dullahan, Street Life W/ Dullahan, Street Life W/ Union Rags, Paynter W/ Union Rags, Paynter. ($8)

If you like Union Rags, I don't blame you, I just dont see this horse holding on at 1 1/2 miles. 1 1/4 maybe, not this moster 1 1/2.

Good luck to all!!!

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06/09/2012 08:15 AM

Good write up Dietz. I got your triple box but also adding in Atigun for 4 horse tribox

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06/09/2012 09:31 AM

Thanks diets! Always good horse info in your posts!

GL with your plays

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06/09/2012 03:21 PM

Thanks! I Hope this pulls through for those who follow. All around the board, no bullseye yet.
I won $584 on race 5 at Belmont. Exacta box. Up for the day!

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06/11/2012 10:54 AM

Should have stayed with the conservative bet and Union Rags. Johnny V gave him the perfect ride, along the rale, pace ridden just as I thought, but Dullahan did not fire at all. Just a crap performance. Street life had no excuse either. Came closing, but too late. Took this one in the teeth.

Got lucky though on Races 5 and 9.

Race 5 $2 ex. box 3-11-10 3-11 paid $589.00 (Desormeaux on turf came in 2nd and paid $25.60. (Got lucky here).

Race 9 $20 ex box 6-9 cause I had the money. paid $62.40 won $625.00

Now since I had all this I let alot ride on Street life, WAY over my betting norm and took a bath. UGH!!

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06/12/2012 03:04 PM

i hit a free bet on rags

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06/13/2012 03:00 PM

NICE!! Free bet is double winner.