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On 06/08/2012 07:20 PM in Sportsbooks

DSI & Bookmaker Review

Have been with Diamond for 2 years and Bookmaker for 4. First off, all things being equal, they go right to the top of the list for sponsoring the many contests here. I enjoy contests and competing against the other menbers. So, for that, many kudos & thanks.
Made my initial deposits via Western Union, my favorite way. So easy. Bookmaker sign up went smoothly although I had a hard time understanding the clerk . Diamond went sorta smoothly, also, but I wanted to sign up through Spooky and I made the mistake of dealing with them directly instead of Spooky first. No one there at the time knew who he was or what I was talking about. Finally got it straightened out.
I'm not much of a one for bonuses, but I usually stay with a book for awhile so I took both initial bonuses, knowing I'll either go bust or have no trouble with the rollover requirements. I have noted here on my folder that there was a minor problem with Bookmaker bonus, it wasn't posted and I had to call back twice to get it. I haven't been bust with either (yet, LOL).
I like season win/loss futures and Bookmaker has a good early selection up. Diamond doesn't seem to be up as quickly.
The software is quick & easy to navigate. I like the "remember me" feature, it remembers both name & password. Most others don't. I don't have too much of a problem with the sites being down. When they are, the mirror sites work fine.
The selections are many and even tho I wouldn't think of ever wagering on Handball or Rugby, the options are there, which is nice.
I haven't taken a withdrawal from either, yet, so I can't comment on that. I keep cash in Bookmaker for season futures & will probably take a Diamond withdrwal soon.
Have used Diamond "Live Chat" once and got my question answered in a satisfactory manner.
All in all, I enjoy both and would recommend. And Spooky has told me they are cool.

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