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Wow Who'da Thunk it? Both Road teams take game 5!

I posted a thread a couple of days ago asking if either of the road teams had a shot at their respective series....certainly didn't expect both of them to win game 5 outright.....would have been a hell of a M/L parlay there....

I guess the question now is do either of the "home" teams advance to the finals or are we going to see the Celtics and the Thunder?

from 2-0 to 3-2 the other way for both series....what crazy playoffs this has been! Certainly entertaining and the Heat haters are going wild now!!

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06/06/2012 10:05 AM

As discussed in that previous thread much to my expectations with no surprise, you can't underestimate youth over experience and vice versa. Neither of these series are over by a longshot. Both OkC and Boston have an equal chance of closing their series out at home as much as San Antonio and Miami have of extending to a game 7. Both higher seeds teams were confident taking the first 2 games at home while the lower seeds evened out the series and shifted the momentum stealing game 5 on the road.

It would not surprise me either way what both road teams are capable of. Miami may still not be totally complete as Bosh played just 15 minutes last night, but while Lebron and Wade carry the load guys like Chalmers and Haslem are going to have to step up their games in the clutch because Boston's big 4 are so versatile on the offensive end and know how to defend well. Popo is one of the best when it comes down to coaching in pressure situations, and while Duncan, Parker and Ginobli remain the leaders winning multiple championships together, their bench plays a big part of their success these days. OKC's youth and depth from guys like Durant, Westbrook and Harden match consistency to that of their opponents, but the Spurs can wear you down and go on huge spurts and you can never count them out of it. Should be interesting.

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