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On 06/05/2012 01:07 AM in NBA

ESPN, media are so predictable and stupid....

When the Spurs were up 2-0, it was, "over," and talking heads were wondering if the Spurs could go undefeated to the crown. Now, lost 3 straight, and of course, "they're DONE!" Really? A close game tonight so they're done? Agreed, tough to get a game on the road, but close out games are TOUGH. OKC just won on the road. Ugh, they just all drive me nuts.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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06/05/2012 09:17 AM

In a series like this you can't underestimate nor favor youth against experience. All San Antonio did the first two games was defend home court advantage and despite the shooting extravaganza both games could have gone either way. OKC at Chesapeake Arena is one of the loudest most competitive teams and while both of these teams also took their success on the road, this series had the makings of sustaining the limit.

ESPN's analyst showcase way too much drama for me. I'd prefer to listen to a more thought out descriptive analysis from knowledgable sources like Ernie Grunfeld and Kenny 'the Jet' Smith pre and post game on TNT. At least they weren't quick to discount either team bowing out anytime soon with a 7 game series all but inevitable given both teams competitiveness and will to win. The momentum has certainly switched in OKC's favor winning 3 straight and stealing home court advantage, but given the versatility, depth and balance of San Antonio, nobody has won anything yet.

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06/05/2012 10:29 AM

LOL also don't forget a couple of days ago the Heat were going to be able to "Roll" the Celtics and didn't even need to bring Bosh back for this series and just save him for the all they are talking about is will he be healthy enough and in basketball shape to save the series for the Heat...LMAO....

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