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On 09/13/2011 03:53 PM in NFL

The NFL Changes quickly

Wow, it doesnt take long for things to change in the NFL.

Here are a couple things that JUMPED off the page. Not to say Im betting them, just really caught my attention!

Detroit is favored by 8 vs KC this week. When was the last time Detroit was favored by 8 points? Im saying Herman Moore was catching passes.

Buffalo is favored by 4 points vs the Raiders. Thats interesting.

Pitt just got pummeled by Baltimore in week one and are currently 14.5 point favorites to the Seahawks. Thats over two full TDs. Holy crap!


New England is favored by a full TD over the Chargers. Thats a lot of points, I just about put some down on the Chargers as soon as I saw it.

Chicago just beat the hell out of the Falcons yet are still giving up 6.5 points to the Saints. I told you they looked good on Thur night! What does that say about the Falcons? The Saints might be double digit favorites had they been playing this weekend.

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09/13/2011 04:06 PM

Funny the over-reactions to one week of play.....I agree with all that you say above, but I also think Pitt will be pissed and beat Seattle by 4 td's.....

KC looks quite tasty at +8.....

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    As much as I don't like KC this year, 8 is a lot!

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09/13/2011 09:40 PM

You are never as good or as bad as your last game. Remember that. It will be interesting to see what teams can repeat what they did in week one.