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2011 - A Reference Guide to all NFL Teams Treads

Looking deep into some NFC trends........

All statistics are against the spread, unless otherwise noted...

-- Ranked 28th or worse in rushing yards the last six years.
-- Redbirds are 20-12 SU at home the last four years, 10-5 in last 15 tries as a home dog.
-- Arizona is just 19-33-1 off a win since 2004.
-- They've had positive turnover ratio just twice in last decade (-52).

-- 33-15 SU last three years, best stretch in club history.
-- Falcons are 22-8-1 in last 31 games as a favorite; 15-6-1 at home, 7-2 in last nine on road.
-- Atlanta covered 17 of last 24 games against AFC teams.
-- They’re just 7-17 in last 24 games as home dog, 2-10 in divisional play.

-- Panthers ranked 23-22-20 against run last three years.
-- Carolina is 5-9 in last 14 tries as home underdog, 8-13 in last 21 games as road dog, but 7-2 as a divisional road favorite.
-- They’re 7-15 in last 22 games as single digit favorite.
-- Panthers are 5-10-1 in last 16 games on artificial turf.

-- Bears allowed 56 sacks LY, 3.5 per game. Too many. Cutler has to throw more balls away.
-- Bears are 6-12-1 in last 19 games as a home favorite, 10-6 in last 16 as home dog.
-- Since 2005, Chicago is 20-13-1 against spread after a loss.
-- Bears were outscored 68-21 in last three visits to Lambeau Field.

-- Finished in top 7 in NFL in yards gained four of last five years.
-- Covered six of last seven as double digit underdog, but are just 3-8 in last 11 tries as double digit favorite.
-- Underdog covered 10 of their 12 division games the last two years.
-- Were 6-10 LY, despite a zero turnover ratio. Thats a bad sign.

-- Won their last two road games LY, making them 10-70 on foreign soil over the last decade, 2-22 over last three years.
-- Lions are 8-3-1 vs spread in their last dozen games on natural grass.
-- Detroit has ranked 23rd or worse in rushing the last six years.
-- Lions are 5-10-1 vs spread in last 16 games where spread was 3 points or less; over the last decade, they're 0-4 as a road favorite.

Green Bay:
-- Packers have a +45 turnover ratio in the last four seasons.
-- Green Bay covered 10 of last 13 as road dog in divisional games; since 2006, they're 16-6-1 overall as a road underdog.
-- Since '06, Pack is 18-11-3 against the spread after a loss.
-- They've been in top 9 in total offense in eight of the last ten years.

-- Minnesota is 10-17 as a road favorite over the last decade, 3-9 in the more important games vs NFC North opponents. .
-- Vikings covered twice in their last ten games as a home dog.
-- They averaged 17.9 yards per point LY, their worst average in that important category the last ten years.
-- Vikings are 14-24 vs spread in their last 38 games on grass.

-- Giants are 4-10 as a home favorite the last two years; they're also 9-7 vs spread in first half of last two years, 4-12 in second half.
-- Big Blue is 16-7 as a road favorite since 2005.
-- LY, Giants ranked 5th in total offense, 7th in total defense, were +30 in sacks and still didn't make the playoffs.
-- Giants are 3-10 in games following their last thirteen losses.

-- They've had negative turnover ratio in five of last six years, with Super Bowl championship season the only year they had a positive ratio.
-- Since 2001, Saints are 27-44-3 at home, 22-34-2 as a home fave.
-- Last two seasons, Saints are 0-6 as a home favorite against its division rivals, 7-2-1 against everyone else.
-- NO covered 10 of last 13 games that followed a loss.

-- Philly covered 10 of last 14 games as a road favorite.
-- Over last four years, Eagles are 2-8 as home favorite in division tilts, 13-5 against everyone else.
-- They've won six in row against the Giants, but lost three of four against the Cowboys- they won four of last five at Washington (59-28 LY).
-- Eagles were just 4-4 SU at home LY. That needs to improve.

-- LY, Rams were +9 in sacks, +5 in turnovers; they improved their sack total from 25 to 43 LY.
-- St Louis is 13-6-1 in last 20 games that followed a win.
-- Rams lost their last six games at Seattle by average of 18 points.
-- They've covered just five of last 19 as an NFC West underdog.

-- Last made playoffs in 2002; since then, they're 46-82 SU.
-- Ranked 23rd or worse in total offense the last seven years.
-- 49ers are 4-9-1 in their last 14 games as a road favorite.
-- Since 2002, they're 19-28-4 in game following a win.

-- Seahawks are 16-32 the last three years, with a minus-24 TO ratio.
-- Over last six years, Seattle is 29-17-2 at home, 15-32-1 on the road.
-- Since 2003, Seattle is 7-23-2 as a non-divisional road underdog.
-- Seahawks covered three of last 15 games that followed a win.

Tampa Bay:
-- Bucs are 11-3-2 in last 15 games as road dog, but just 1-10 in their last 11 games as a home underdog.
-- Tampa Bay is 6-1-1 vs spread in last eight games on artificial turf.
-- Bucs are 3-10-3 vs AFC teams the last four seasons.
-- They ranked 28/32 against the run last two years. Not very good.

-- Washington is 9-15 SU at home the last three seasons.
-- Last time Redskins had a positive turnover ratio was 2005.
-- Since 2006, Skins are 5-13-1 as a home favorite.
-- Last two years, Washington is 9-3-1 as a road underdog.

Looking deep into some AFC trends........

-- Since 2004, are an amazing 27-6-2 vs spread as a non-divisional home favorite.
-- Since ’03, they’re 20-10-2 vs NFC teams.
-- Finished in top five in rushing defense five years in a row.
-- Are just 5-11 as a road favorite since ’05.

-- Have finished 25th or lower in total offense the last eight years.
-- Since 2008, they’re 2-7-1 as a home dog.
-- Bills lost their last seven home games vs New England by average score of 31-6.
-- They are 15-8-1 vs spread on road the last three years.

-- They're 60-67-1 SU since ’03, despite being +32 in turnovers during that time
-- Underdogs are 18-4-1 vs spread in their home games the last three years, with Cincy 2-10 in last dozen as home favorite.
-- Bengals are 4-17-1 in last 22 games as non-divisional home favorite.
-- They're 11-2-1 in last 14 games as a dog of 3 or less points.

-- Finished 27th or less in rush defense the last seven years; that’ll improve if they can get ahead in more games.
-- Browns lost last four games vs Baltimore by average score of 21-8.
-- They covered five of last six as road favorite, 14 of last 22 following a win.

-- They're a ridiculously poor 5-21-1 vs spread in last 27 games as home favorite, 1-9-1 in last 11 divisional games.
-- Total offense has gotten worse the last three years, from 9th-12-17-26th.
-- Denver is minus-26 in turnovers last three years.
-- Broncos have been 26th or worse in rushing defense the last four years.

-- They're 23-25 the last three years, despite ranking 3-4-3 in yards gained.
-- Texans are 2-16 against the Colts, so the Week 1 game vs Manning-less Indy is vital to Kubiak’s program.
-- Houston is 21-29-3 as a non-divisional underdog since ’03, 10-16-2 vs NFC teams since ’04.

-- 10-6 finish LY was first time in eight years they won less than 12 games, but they’re still 16-7-1 vs spread on road last three years.
-- Indy is 20-7-1 vs spread vs NFC teams the last seven years.
-- They covered 15 of last 18 games as an underdog.

-- Were 8-8 LY despite being minus-15 in turnovers/
-- Jaguars covered just four of last 15 as a home favorite, nine of last 25 after a loss.
-- In last nine games where spread is double digits, whether Jags are favorite or underdog, Jax is 2-7 vs spread.

-- They were 10-6 LY, after being combined 10-38 the three years before that.
-- Underdog is 18-6 vs spread in their divisional games the last four years. -- KC is 3-11 as a divisional home fave since ’03, 8-3 as divisional road dog since ’07.
-- Chiefs are 3-9-1 in last 13 games as home favorite, 10-2 in last dozen games as a double digit dog.

-- Somehow, they’re 5-29 vs spread as a home favorite since 2003, 0-10 in non-divisional games the last four years.
-- Dolphins are minus-20 in turnovers last two years.
-- Fish are 2-9 vs spread in last 11 divisional games, 7-16 in divisional home games, but are 22-9-1 as non-divisional road underdog since 2004.

-- Are +59 in turnovers the last five years.
-- Since 2005, Pats are 14-5-1 vs spread as divisional road favorite.
-- Since ’02, they’re 48-21-4 as a single digit favorite.
-- NE covered 25 of last 36 as an underdog, eight of 11 in division play.

-- In two years under Rex Ryan, they ranked 1-3 in rushing yardage, 1-4 in total defense, both of which take lot of heat off young QB.
-- Jets covered nine of last 13 as single digit dog.
-- Jets are 1-7-1 in last nine games as home fave vs divisional foes.
-- Gang Green is 8-16 as non-divisional road dog since ’03.

-- 8-8 mark LY was first non-losing season since their last Super Bowl season in ’02.
-- Silver and Black are minus-69 in turnovers the last seven years.
-- Raiders did improve LY from 31st to 10th in total offense.
-- Oakland is 18-28 SU at home the last seven years, covering twice in last 12 tries as a favorite- since ’03, they’re 6-17-1 as a home fave.

-- Have finished in top 3 in rushing defense seven years in a row.
-- They’ve covered 11 of last 13 games when an underdog of 3 or less points.
-- Since 2001, Pitt is 24-11-1 as a single digit underdog.
-- They’ve covered only five of last 18 when laying double digits.
-- AFC North dominance: Steelers are 9-1 in last 10 visits to Cincinnati, 8-1 in last nine at Cleveland.

-- LY, they were 1st in total offense, 1st in total defense and didn’t make playoffs, which is why they’ve got new special teams coach this year.
-- Are just 4-10 vs spread on carpet the last five years.
-- Covered just four of last 12 when laying double digits.
-- Bolts are 25-13-4 vs spread in divisional games since ’08.

-- Finished 26-27 in total defense last two years.
-- Titans are 23-8-1 vs spread vs NFC teams the last eight years.
-- They’re 11-4 in home divisional games since ’06, 7-1 in last eight games where spread was 10+, either way.
-- Tennessee covered eight of last 13 as a road favorite.

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