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On 05/21/2012 11:35 AM in General

Need to share a story from the weekend

Seriously, people are just idiots.

So, my step daughter graduated from Cal St. Fullerton on Saturday. My wife and I, my 5 year old son, and my 21 year old step son, along with his cousin, all attend. We're in the stadium, and they're announcing names, all that good stuff. A guy is trying to get back to his seat, went to get water or something, and my wife and I stand up to let him through. The people in back of us go nuts. "No, no, sit down! We're trying to take a picture of our daughter, they're calling her name soon." In a not so nice voice. So I look back and say, "settle down, don't talk to me that way." The guy gets an attitude! "I'll talk to you any way I want." Oh boy, so here we go! The guy is 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing, and to boot, probably in his early 60's. What am I supposed to do with that? My son is sitting next to me, I'm in a crowded stadium, and not about to ruin my daughter's big day. So, I shake my head, and basically tell him, "whatever old man." He loses it a little more, tells me to "fuck off..." and that's when when I couldn't let it go. I calmly stood up, towered over him, and said, "look, shut your mouth, take your fucking picture, and let this go."
This is all in a 45 second span maybe. About two minutes pass, they finally call his daughter's name. Could've had a marching band go through the aisle.
So, I've calmed down some, thought to myself that I shouldn't have even said that much, I mean, he's old and my son is right there, but whatever, I'm not going to let him disrespect me like that.

So what happens next? His son, or someone related to him, shows up, and he's a little more my size, but younger. I can hear him say, "that guy?" And whispers, etc. At this point, the ceremony is winding down. My son is talking to me about playing a game on my iphone. I'm trying to hold it together. My wife is hearing these guys yap away, and looks at me like, "they won't shut up."

Funny thing, I didn't even think of having my 21 year old step son, a marine, come with me, I should have, but I got up, told my wife to watch my baby boy, and walked up to the old guy, and said, "look, if you want this to continue, bring your buddy, meet me outside the gate. I'll be by myself. If you don't, then shut up, I don't want to hear another word out of you in front of my family. You're ruining my day, don't ruin yours any more." He tried to act like he was going to do something and his wife tried to calm him down. I walked up to the gate, where there a security guard. I told him what was going on, but that I was going to wait here. If anything happened, please step in. He laughed about it.
They never showed. I saw them walking out later, and no looks, nothing.

Unreal. I guess the point of the story here is that once you're an asshole, you're an asshole forever? I was not going to hit some old dude, and I was fairly certain I could take his son or whatever, so I wasn't at all concerned, but really? Acting that way, and I've got a small child with me? It's what scares me about taking him to sporting events. I guess I'm at the point in my life where I just need to walk away no matter what.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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05/21/2012 12:36 PM

I always agree it better to walk away when you calmly can but it's hard when you have your children. If you walk away calmly are we teaching them to just basically take shit or if you bow up are you teaching them to fight at the drop of a hat?

I am not sure what I would of done. I try to stay calm in most situations but it seems the older I get the more I think Ya know, he get's dressed the same why I do, one leg at a time and he's no better than me. So I usually just say what's on my mind and then try to think of a reasonable way to explain it to my family and friends. (Which doesn't take much since they know me... but with kids it's a tough call)

I hope you enjoyed the bulk of the day! It's sad that the small few often ruin it for the rest of us.

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05/21/2012 01:27 PM

The other problem these days is that you never know who's packing what....that's why so many of these things end up with someone dead or badly injured....if they didn't have a gun on them they may have had one in the just never know right now....

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05/21/2012 01:36 PM

I know, I think about that too. People have no honor, it's sickening.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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05/21/2012 02:20 PM

Remember this.


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05/22/2012 01:11 AM

Good story and glad it all ended without any drama, although I will freely admit I wanted the story to end with you saying you decapitated him and put it on youtube.

I joined this site just to say that. I'm not sure who's worse, the five-foot-nothing guy or me, but I hope you had a good day all the same.