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Well here we are at stage two of the Triple Crown........horses tend to weed out after the Kentucky Derby based on performance of their horse and the others in the race.......this year one horse has weeded out more the 2/3 of the Derby field based on his performance....BODEMIESTER..... after setting track records in the first 5 splits at the Derby any horse that was a remote front runner or pace horse had no chance at all. Set the race up well for closers as my pick Dullahan just missed second by a nose. I'll Have Another ran a great race, give the horse credit, but the impressive horse besides Bodemiester that is in this race is WENT THE DAY WELL. Closing like a frieght train, more so them Dullahan, the jockey found a way to get open field (after all others horses died) to let lose and it came running. I cleaner trip at Preakness makes this horse dangerous.

Let's talk Bodemiester.. at 8/5 is it worth a wager....exotics may even be small with this horse coming in 1 or 2. But you have to wonder how much that last race took out of him. While other horses were back to eating and galloping 2-3 days after the Derby this horse was eating ok, but was still lying down 5-6 days later. Not a good sign for a horse some may say.
Will this horse have enough to run the same type of race? Just don't know. Odds makes say yes. Tough call.

I dont see I'LL HAVE ANOTHER going nose to nose with this horse, I think he sits back and waits again, but he has to start to run sooner with the shorter distance. At a mile and 3/16 in the Derby, Bodemiester wins. This track has tighter turns to get around, something that I feel helps the speed horses as the closers have shorter chance to elongate their strides.

We have the unknown horses in the race as well......what do you make of them? Teeth of the Dog is only getting bettor 4 races and a win, two places and third in Stakes race.....

Takes money to make money......want to throw it all on Bodemiester to win, I would not blame you, but you have to beat the I like Creative Cause to use in exotics....came in second to I'll Have Another two races back, the Derby was a tough with all those horses. I cleaner trip puts him in the thick... I like Went the Day Well to win it all. I think his bad trip wont be repeated and his closing speed my suprise I'LL HAVE ANOTHER.

I have to hope Bodemiester bounces off that race and is just too tired to finish.... he gets way out there again and it could be over by 3/4 pole. But you have to bet odds to win money...

exacta box with Creative Cause, I'll HAVE ANOTHER, WENT THE DAY WELL.



Good luck and bet small, win big. LOL

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GL Dietz

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05/18/2012 07:08 PM

Thanks for the breakdown and best of luck tomorrow.

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05/24/2012 03:21 PM

Well.......took me a few days to recover as I had the triple with the ponies with the wrong order. I never put Bodemiester for second. Few more dollars and I could have backed it up with Bodemiester in 2nd and 3rd. Just not a smart bet from money management point of view.

Went the day well did not have a good day at all. Went the day bad. Creative Cause ran better here, but this horse cant touch I'll Have Another.

There is a horse that can touch him and I think he will be ready to deny the triple crown, but no doubt I'LL HAVE ANOTHER comes in 1st or 2nd in the Belmont.