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On 05/18/2012 06:26 AM in MLB

friday bases (interleague starts)

* = one unit

*Single (35-29)(+4.31)
**Double (11-7)(+5.94)
***Triple (8-5)(+5.67)
****Homerun (5-4)(+7.60)
Parlays (2-9)(-7.58)
Runlines (12-13)(-3.00)
Totals (10-10)(-0.35)

Overall Record (83-77)(+12.59)

3-2 picking up 0.50 units on Thursday. I am ok with that seeing how I think I forced some plays yesterday. Only one day game that I missed. Here is what I got for Friday night.

Taking the next three days off. Interleague destroys me every year and I am not going to give back what little I have won this year.

Back on Monday. Good Luck Everybody!!

marksmoneymakers Posts:29600 Followers:142
05/18/2012 06:27 PM

Screw it. I am off work tomorrow and I feel like betting. All plays just single (one unit plays) since I suck at interleague.

Washington -110 vs. Baltimore
Miami +113 vs. Cleveland
Detroit -1 ½ (-115) vs. Pittsburgh
Atlanta +110 vs. Tampa bay

Better call it quits at four. Good Luck Everybody. Unless I get destroyed I will be back on Saturday…………otherwise Monday.