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On 05/15/2012 05:47 PM in MLB

tuesday bases

* = one unit

*Single (31-24)(+6.34)
**Double (11-7)(+5.94)
***Triple (8-4)(+9.27)
****Homerun (4-4)(+3.60)
Parlays (2-9)(-7.58)
Runlines (11-12)(-2.85)
Totals (10-10)(-0.35)

Overall Record (77-70)(+14.37)

4-1 picking up 4.33 units on Monday. I was worried about the rain, but it did not matter to my games at all. Here are Tuesday’s plays. Missed all the day games.

Atlanta -109 vs. Cincinnati (Homerun)……..Cueto going to get his first loss tonight. Atlanta looks to win to take first place back again. Really like this game a lot.

Texas -1½ (-120) vs. Kansas City (triple)………Another one I love. KC not winnning again tonight. I think Texas murders them.

That is it for Tuesday. Only two…….but I like them a great deal. Expecting a 2-0 night picking up seven units.

Good Luck Everybody!!

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05/15/2012 08:28 PM

Looking like two easy games. One good, one bad. Atlanta up 5-0 and Texas losing 4-0. Atlanta should be in the bag and I guess Texas is capable of coming back. As long as Atlanta wins I will make a small profit. Think I will just go to bed and check the score when I get up in the morning.