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On 05/11/2012 01:47 PM in General

Little Vegas re-cap for you, if you care!

So, I was in Vegas from Monday to Thursday on business. An electronics show, basically it's filled with meetings all day long and is actually quite draining. That long with just meetings? Sometimes you fight to stay awake. But, after you're done for the day, everyone wants to unwind!

Stayed at the Cosmopolitan. The rooms are INSANE. Apparently, the original plan was to make this place condos, and it shows. Beautiful place, tons of art references, and the rooms were like mini homes. Crazy nice.

Talent all over! Women's clothing gets smaller and smaller the older I get. No complaints here.

They actually had single deck blackjack for like 10 bucks a hand. Right up my alley. Of course, it's still Vegas, and they screw you no matter what. Cocktail girls every half hour, (WEAK) and they only pay 6 to 5 for a blackjack? That's crap. But, whatever, I was up a few hundred at one point, and after four days, came home even. Can't gripe there.
Had a couple nights of drinking shots with manufactures of mine, and let's just say when you roll in at 3am, and have a meeting at 8am, two straight nights? Uh... not good. I'm too old to do that any more! It was rough, but I powered through it. Was happy to be home last night, that's for sure.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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05/11/2012 01:58 PM

LOL I hear that - sounds like a great idea until you have to stick to an early schedule because there's just no way to go back to your room at Vegas at 11:00 at night......the saving grace for us east coasters is the 8am feels like 11am so it wouldn't be quite as bad...glad you had a good trip and coming home even is like a big win....

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