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On 05/04/2012 11:52 AM in Contests

Points & Contests

There was a small bug with contest entries and points. The system was allowing points to go into the negative so some of you got in when you shouldnt have. All entries are going to be valid, any negative point balances will be Zero'd out and going forward if you dont have the points you cant enter contests or make streaker picks.

Points are by placing in contests and then also earned this way

1 point For:
Starting a new post in forum
Posting picks from monitor to forum

.5 points for
each reply to someone elses thread.

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05/04/2012 05:19 PM

I did notice my points staying the same or slightly going up for the most part, but even though I make a lot of posts I also take part in all of the contests so I think everything balanced out well. Glad to hear the bug was fixed though for those that may have been affected. Nice job!

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