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On 05/03/2012 10:19 PM in NBA

NEW YORK KNIKCS: The team with the worst record on the history of NBA playoffs

When Miami won 104-94 at the second match of this serie, obligate New York in her 12 defeat at postseason...this number counterpoise
the worst record, were had the Memphis Grizzlies...Νew York have to win game of playoffs from 29 of April 2001.
Then, Knicks had won 97-89 the Toronto Raptors in the 3rd game of the first round...this negative record had started from the 4th game of this serie when Vince Carter and his team had won 100-93 and after two days took the qualification (3-2) won again away for 93-89.
It took for Knicks 3 years to come back at postseason and they managed that at 2004 where they excluded with 4-0 at the first round
from New Jersey Nets . Last year after 6 years, Knicks, went again to playoffs but they hadn t a better luck...the injuries of Stoudamire and Billups left Carmelo to fight alone and done the work of Celtics easier (4-0)