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On 05/03/2012 01:50 PM in NBA

Any Opinions About Heat/Knicks Tonight

I feel very strongly that the Heat will win tonight and cover the 5 points, but I am hesitant to do so due to the fact that the betting public is strongly favoring the heat and yet the line has not moved at all. I was just wondering if anybody thinks the knicks will cover tonight and why? I feel like the only reason the knicks could win is if Anthony scores over 30 and they hit 50% of their 3-pointers.

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05/03/2012 01:58 PM

I'm like you it sure looks easy - I don't have any reason the Knicks should cover but it just smells like a trap....

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05/03/2012 02:39 PM

Carmelo Anthony on his own without Stoudemire is 9-4 so far this season. Of course the Knicks had Shumpert healthy at the time, but the shift to the mecca brings plenty of excitement and perhaps the best chance for the Knicks to get back in this series. Nobody will be sure on how effective Stoudemire will be in game 4 especially since his incident on Tuesday night punching out an glass extinguisher, but Woodson has given the one game at a time mentality to the team considering they don't have much to lose to begin with except perhaps pride. Novak will get plenty of minutes this time around off the bench and the seldom used Douglas can be utilized as well.

I feel there is more value in the over 186, as Miami will once again revert to an up tempo high octane pace from the big 3, although Bosh's status is listed as questionable due to the birth of his son.

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05/03/2012 02:58 PM

I think that I will go w/ the over as well JTG, I just am not so sure why people think the Knicks will get hot in game 3. The knicks still cannot defend the rim where miami excels. Novak should get more minutes, as he deserves it, but he has been guarding Wade when he is in the game which is a large mismatch. Anyway, should be a fun game to watch!

Also, I think this is a big game for Woodson too see if he will be around next year. I was pretty unimpressed of his tenure at Atlanta and believe Anthony has not been given the credit he deserves for carrying the team in the last month.

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