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Some Thursday helpful MLB Info

Thursday's streaking and slumping starters


Jake Westbrook, St. Louis Cardinals (3-1, 1.30 ERA)

Westbrook has thrown at least 6 2/3 innings in each of his four starts and has his sinker in top form. The 6-foot-3 righty has just 15 strikeouts in 27 2/3 innings of work, but is pounding the bottom half of the strike zone. ''He's on a roll,'' Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke said of Westbrook after he paced St. Louis to a 13-1 victory in his last outing. ''He's throwing the ball down in the zone real well. He gets ground balls when he needs to.''

Ian Kennedy, Arizona Diamondbacks (3-0, 3.38 ERA)

Kennedy has struck out at least five batters in his last four starts and has worked at least six innings in each of his five starts this season. However, he isn’t happy with his stuff at all. After picking up a no-decision in a loss to Miami he said it “was a battle trying to throw strikes. I don't know. I wasn't very efficient pitches-wise.” He has walked eight batters in 32 innings this year.


Randall Delgado, Atlanta Braves (2-2, 6.30 ERA)

The 22-year-old showed glimpses of promise in winning his first two starts of the year, but has struggled since. Randall has allowed nine earned runs in 9 2/3 innings over his latest two outings and walked seven batters during that span. He averaged 22.6 pitches per inning in last week’s loss to Pittsburgh.

John Danks, Chicago White Sox (2-3, 6.23 ERA)

Danks is coming off a terrible effort against the BoSox, allowing seven earned runs in 5 2/3 innings, walking four and giving up a homer. Control is the major issue as he’s walked 15 in 30.1 innings pitched this year. The White Sox have his record, averaging 4.8 runs in his starts.

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Hot pitchers
-- Dempster had a 2.21 RA in three starts before going on DL.
-- Bedard is 1-4, 2.79 in five starts; Pirates gave him seven runs total. Westbrook is 3-1, 1.95 in his four starts.
-- ASanchez is 1-0, 3.08 in four starts this season.
-- Kennedy is 1-0, 2.70 in his last couple starts. Detwiler is 2-1, 3.27 in his four starts this season.

-- Morrow is 2-0, 0.71 in his last couple starts. Haren is 1-0, 1.64 in his last three starts.

Cold pitchers
-- Blanton is 1-2, 5.89 in his last three starts.
-- Bailey is 1-2, 5.04 in four starts this season.
-- Delgado is 1-2, 7.20 in his last three starts.
-- Vogelsong is 0-1, 4.19 in three starts this season.

-- Millwood is 0-2, 8.27 in his last three starts. Niemann is 1-3, 5.57 in four starts this season.
-- Danks is 1-2, 7.00 in his last three starts. Masterson is 0-2, 7.77 in his last four outings.
-- Phelps is making his first MLB start; he is Duffy is 0-2, 5.56 in his last couple starts.

Hot teams
-- Arizona won three of its last four games.
-- Reds are 7-4 in their last eleven games.
-- Atlanta is 8-4 at home this season. Phillies won three of their last four road games.
-- St Louis won five of its last six games.
-- Marlins won their last two games, allowing three runs.

-- Tampa Bay won ten of its last eleven games.
-- Indians won eight of their eleven road games.
-- Angels won four of their last five games.

Cold teams
-- Washington lost five of its last six games.
-- Pirates lost five of their last seven games.
-- Cubs lost seven of their last ten road games.
-- Giants lost three of their last five games.

-- Bronx Bombers are 3-5 in their last eight games. Kansas City lost 14 of its last 18 games.
-- Toronto is 4-5 in its last eight games.
-- Mariners lost last five games, scoring nine runs.
-- White Sox lost six of their last eight games.

-- Under is 5-2-1 in Atlanta's last eight games.
-- Seven of Cubs' last eight games stayed under the total.
-- Four of last five St Louis games went over the total.
-- Last eight Miami road games stayed under the total.
-- Nine of last thirteen Arizona games went over the total.

-- Four of last five Tampa Bay games stayed under the total.
-- Ten of last thirteen Cleveland games stayed under total.
-- Under is 5-1-1 in Royals' last seven home games.
-- Under is 6-2-1 in last nine games played in Anaheim.

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Philadelphia at Atlanta

The Phillies look to bounce back from last night's loss to Atlanta and build on their 13-3 record in Joe Blanton's last 16 starts against teams with a winning record. Philadelphia is the pick (+105) according to Dunkel, which has the Phillies favored by 1. Dunkel Pick: Philadelphia (+105). Here are all of today's picks.

Game 901-902: Philadelphia at Atlanta (12:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Philadelphia (Blanton) 15.904; Atlanta (Delgado) 14.880
Dunkel Line: Philadelphia by 1; 7 1/2
Vegas Line: Atlanta (-125); 8
Dunkel Pick: Philadelphia (+105); Under

Game 903-904: Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati (12:35 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cubs (Dempster) 14.493; Cincinnati (Bailey) 15.351
Dunkel Line: Cincinnati by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Cincinnati (-150); 8
Dunkel Pick: Cincinnati (-150); Over

Game 905-906: Pittsburgh at St. Louis (1:45 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Pittsburgh (Bedard) 16.493; St. Louis (Westbrook) 15.864
Dunkel Line: Pittsburgh by 1/2; 8
Vegas Line: St. Louis (-160); 7
Dunkel Pick: Pittsburgh (+140); Over

Game 907-908: Miami at San Francisco (3:45 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Miami (Sanchez) 14.708; San Francisco (Vogelsong) 13.302
Dunkel Line: Miami by 1 1/2; 6
Vegas Line: Miami (-115); 7
Dunkel Pick: Miami (-115); Under

Game 909-910: Arizona at Washington (7:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Arizona (Kennedy) 14.246; Washington (Detwiler) 15.751
Dunkel Line: Washington by 1 1/2; 5 1/2
Vegas Line: Washington (-110); 6 1/2
Dunkel Pick: Washington (-110); Under

Game 911-912: Seattle at Tampa Bay (1:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Seattle (Millwood) 15.945; Tampa Bay (Niemann) 15.786
Dunkel Line: Seattle by 1/2; 9
Vegas Line: Tampa Bay (-200); 8
Dunkel Pick: Seattle (+170); Over

Game 913-914: Cleveland at Chicago White Sox (8:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Cleveland (Masterson) 15.308; White Sox (Danks) 16.115
Dunkel Line: Chicago White Sox by 1; 9
Vegas Line: Chicago White Sox (-115); 8
Dunkel Pick: Chicago White Sox (-115); Over

Game 915-916: NY Yankees at Kansas City (8:10 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: NY Yankees (Phelps) 13.860; Kansas City (Duffy) 15.301
Dunkel Line: Kansas City by 1 1/2; 8
Vegas Line: NY Yankees (-130); 9
Dunkel Pick: Kansas City (+110); Under

Game 917-918: Toronto at LA Angels (10:05 p.m. EST)
Dunkel Ratings: Toronto (Morrow) 15.506; LA Angels (Haren) 16.083
Dunkel Line: LA Angels by 1/2; 6
Vegas Line: LA Angels (-130); 7
Dunkel Pick: LA Angels (-130); Under

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StatFox Super Situations - FoxSheets


Play On - Home teams (CINCINNATI) with a starting pitcher whose ERA is 3.70 or better on the season (NL) against opponent with a starting pitcher whose WHIP is 1.050 or better on the season-NL

193-127 since 1997. ( 60.3% 68.0 units )
6-4 this year. ( 60.0% 1.5 units )

StatFox Situational Power Trends - FoxSheets


PHILADELPHIA is 17-3 (+13.8 Units) against the money line in Road games vs. a good bullpen that converts on 75%+ of their save opportunities over the last 2 seasons.

The average score was: PHILADELPHIA (4.7) , OPPONENT (2.7)