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Kentucky Derby

Well Ladies and Gents, that time of year again. Time to take a look at the ponies once in a while and see what is happening. I have not been on here for a few months, but it is the season with Belmont rolling in the spring meet and the most exciting 2 minutes in all of sports (except if the Rangers are winning by one goal with a chance to win the Stanley Cup with 2 minutes left) approaching rapidly.

You will read and read and hear about all types of horses and angles to play, but this field is harder to pick than any maiden race a Saratoga on any given day. The Kentucky Derby has tried to limit the amount of horses by making it a qualifier with minimal purses earned. Just does not seem to faze many owners and trainers as there are still 23 horses for the race.

This is a crap shoot no matter how you look at it. Any horse can get trapped, pushed, dirt in the face and not like it and then of course it could rain which really screws up everything. Has rained 2 or 3 years now.

We don't have the post position yet for the big race, but lets take a look at a few horses that you should consider for wagers. The favorites will be Union Rags (Julien LaParoux aboard) and Bodemiester (Mike Smith aboard) but a horse that I like and ran a very impressive race with pretty much a hand ride is Dullahan. He has one of the BEST jockeys in Ken Desermeaux to guide him through a good trip.
Again, the jockey is very important with a field of 23 horses. Can't do much better than Desermeaux. No jockey knows Churchill track like Calvin Borel who will be guiding Take Charge Indy on the rail and closing at the end. This horse is fresh and Calvin has ridden him 2x already to victories.

This is a crapshoot......I would not try to win my morgage on here, but have fun with it....with so many horses any exotic bet is going to pay some $$$

With out the post positions I am still going with Dullahan over ALL exacta. ($44)

Triple box of $2 on Dullahan, Take Charge Indy and Optimizer. ($12)

Friday on the Kentucky Oaks........... On Fire, Grace Hall (wins it all) and Summer Applause with Dullahan for a Daily Double.
I may do a $5 double on this for $15.

Things to look for on the day...... Laparoux on turf, Costellano on turf. If Desormoux runs with Mott as the trainer on the turf, hit it.

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Thanks for posting dietz....good info

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05/07/2012 03:57 PM

Well, my horse came in 3rd by a nose, closing well, but was not going to catch I'll have another. I saw that horse run as Saratoga and as a moonlight bartender I bet it at Saratoga. I did not even look at this horse as it had back problems a little while back. I guess they are gone.

Bodimiester ran one hell of a race....set track records for first five splits in the Derby and almost held on to win it. The speed of this horse just killed everyone except for the pedigree closers. Give that horse credit. Should be interesting in Preakness with his speed and a tight narrow track.