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On 09/12/2011 10:11 AM in NCAA Football

opening lines and looks 151

well..i didnt do well yesterday in nfl, but in college ive done real well..like 14-3 on str ups..not including 1st half and 2nd half plays ...always like to get lines right when they 1st come out to see moves...here are some of the bigger moves so far

bowling green..opens -4.5 now 7.5..
boise st-20.5 now 17.5
penn st-6.5 now 9.5
b.c.-9 now -7
tex tech-24.now -19.5
tex am-29.5 now 36
k st-18.5 now 14.5
miami fl-1 now +1
okla st-11. now-14
thos are just a few...remeber these line moves are mostly based on early off shore betting, then adjusted by vegas....

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