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On 04/27/2012 03:56 PM in NBA

Kings Deal is OFF

Kings Deal is off, irreconcilable differencs cited.

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
jimmythegreek Posts:12637 Followers:392
04/27/2012 05:10 PM

You know I understand a sponsor took over the Arco name, but as much as Power Balance Pavilion might be an eyesore, it might just pay to add some seats and do some cosmetic renovation. If it means keeping the Kings in Sacramento the fans will still remain loyal despite numerous trips to the lottery.

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jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
04/27/2012 07:48 PM

As I understand it, the biggest problem with Arco (PB Pavillion) is there are either none or not enough boxes for the high rollers. I like that arena for hoops. it is in a perfect location in Sacramento with regards to traffic. Where they wanted to put the new is utterly ridiculous. Traffic is horrendous as it is, and to add an arena there would really make it impossilbe. I can honestly say this...I would never attend a game there. The bottom line is the Maloofs didn't want to pay a dime for anything, but yet demanded a new arena. The city was ready to put forth their money, as was the developer. '

The Maloofs can kiss Sacramento's ass.............they really hosed themselves because they are broke, won't sell the team, and they already dumped an NBA team where they wanted to go.....in the Seattle Supersonics. I wouldn't be surprised to see Seattle tell the Maloofs to kiss their asses too....they had their chance.

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to