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04/29/2012 01:13 PM

Sunday's List of 13: Wrapping up a sports Saturday.........

13) Mel Kiper Jr gave Eagles/Bucs the best grades in this weekend's draft, and gave Saints/Raiders/Seahawks the worst grades. Seattle's picks seemed to go against the grain of almost every expert, which doesn't mean they're wrong, just that they had some different information.

12) Jacksonville drafted a punter in the 3rd round Friday, highest a punter has been drafted since 1995. Rams drafted a kicker in the 6th round; kid made nine 50-yarders in a row LY at Missouri Western.

11) Disaster for the Bulls, who lost star Derrick Rose to a torn ACL on an injury that happened in the last 90 seconds Saturday. Miami's road to the Finals got a lot less complicated yesterday.

10) Who decided that the Knicks/Rangers should play at same time, 3:30 Saturday? NHL probably chose their game times after the NBA- I mean my dad is 81 and wanted to watch both games, but do demographics say that there aren't that many people who want to watch both? Putting the Ranger game at night and the LA-St Louis game at 3:30 seemed like the better idea.

9) Larry Brown started his tenure at SMU by firing three players, one of whom was the starting point guard. Cutting a starter is always a great way to grab everyone's attention, especially if you know you have a player in the wings to replace him, a player who is better.

Three kids who got cut can stay at SMU on scholarship, or Brown's staff will use their connections to get them a scholarship somewhere else. Thats how that stuff works; its bad business to just revoke scholarships, but it can be done.

8) Texas-San Antonio jumped from Southland Conference to WAC, but in the time before they played a game in the WAC, they've now jumped again, this time to Conference USA. They're not the Roadrunners for nothing. Its a sign that the WAC is a dying football conference.

7) Southern Mississippi hired Morehead State coach Donnie Tyndall to be replacement for Larry Eustachy, who took the Colorado State job. Tyndall benefitted from coaching Kenneth Faried, who is now in the NBA.

6) Why isn't Jack McKeon managing the Marlins anymore? Who decided Ozzie Guillen was such a great manager? Miami has been bad this month.

5) Roy Halladay has a 191-94 career record, but is 1-5 against the Cubs.

4) Nationals had two pitchers get an RBI Wednesday; according to ESPN's researchers, they're first team in four years to do that.

3) Since the start of 2010, home underdogs are 3-22 when Dimuro calls balls and strikes. 3-22 is really, really bad.

2) Why did the Red Sox let Jonathan Papelbon walk? Anyone know?

1) 8 of the 30 major league managers have managed 3+ teams. Teams don't take chances on new blood much, which is why the White Sox hiring Robin Ventura was interesting. He had almost no managing experience.

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Thanks, Spook. ALWAYS entertaining reading (and viewing, LOL).

Never, ever criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes........for at that point they will be a mile away. And you'll have their shoes !