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On 04/17/2012 01:07 PM in MLB

What am I missing Here...???

Unless I have gone into a coma for awhile, I believe the Dodgers are currently 9-1 on the season...Billingsley is tonights starter with a ERA 0.63 and a WHIP of 0.63....
Milwaukee is 4-6 and their starter (Gallardo) has an ERA of 5.90 in his two starts this season....Only two factors can possibly account for the Dodgers being a 1.24 "Underdog" is that Milwaukee is returning home after a 3 game road trip, but they dropped 2 of their 3 home games this year....The other factor is simply the "Due Factor" The Dodgers are "due to lose....This I con't believe in, especially in baseball where long streaks are normal..

I have already posted a play on this forum with St Louis, but just can't pass up this one..."Win or Lose"

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04/17/2012 01:37 PM

LOL first game that jumped out at me too....LAD have been feasting on Pirates and Padres though - I agree with you - it may lose but I'm on it...

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