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On 09/11/2011 11:21 AM in Contests

College Super 6 Contest Week One Final Standings

A couple of notes. There were plenty of mistakes when posting this week from no rotation numbers, to wrong rotation numbers, partial rotation numbers, not making six picks and posting past the 3:30 cut off time. Because this was the first week, I did allow everything. Next week there will be no exceptions. Any mistakes result in an 0-6 week in the standings…..and that could kill you in the monthly standings. I hate to sound to mean about all of this, but some contests are harder to grade than others. A few rules that must be followed for next week. I don’t think it is too much to ask with these free contests that everybody takes their time and follows the rules/requirements and post correctly.


ROTATION NUMBERS MUST BE IN ORDER…….much easier to grade this way

ALL PICKS MUST BE IN NO LATER THAN 3:30 EASTERN TIME …..anything past that time will be ignored. It will not be an 0-6, but will count as you did not even play for the week and that could cost you in the monthly and overall standings as well.

Bulldog (6-0)
Igetp2s (5-1)
Thehitman (5-1)
Enzymex (5-1)
Oakas (4-1-1)
Junkmansports (4-1-1)
Roguesalmon (4-2)
Hatman (4-2)
Mcrowe38315 (3-2-1)
Kbhirsch (3-2-1)
Jrich (3-2-1)
Minet123 (3-3)
Surfryder21 (3-3)
Aakj (3-3)
Finance (3-3)
Hitmen44 (3-3)
Cnotes (3-3)
Iwutitan (3-3)
Boogyman (3-3)
Theseer (3-3)
Mojo822 (3-3)
Jimmythegreek (2-3-1)
8550937 (2-3-1)
Sharpsquare (2-3-1)
Marksmoneymakers (2-3-1)
Gamblinrose (2-3-1)
Danpan (2-3-1)
Bobalou (2-4)
Yellowdragon (2-4)
Bill2266 (1-5)
Shantystar (1-5)
Miners26 (1-5)
Nikalibobwa (0-6)

CONGRADULATIONS TO BULLDOG!!! He was the only person to go 6-0 this week. A few others came close. Lets give it a few days for everybody to double check the standings. This is an easy contest to make mistakes when grading with so many people and six picks each.

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09/11/2011 12:24 PM

Guys check these over and let us know if you see any issues.

I will be deducting points from those who played Monday

  • Last 30 Days Record: 1-0-0
  • All Time Record: 277-300-7
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09/11/2011 09:50 PM

Small mistake in the standings. I have Junkmansports (4-1-1) listed in the standings. He was actually moving a pick over from another thread for somebody. It should actually be Dogwoodman (4-1-1) in Junkmansports place. I have already mad the change in my master copy of standings and it will show up that way when I do the combined standings next week.