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Tuesday joke, need to get out on the course!

Because my capping skills have been sub par lately! (get it?) :) Okay, okay, on with the joke.

John and his wife went golfing every week together to their favorite course. One day on the 7th hole John's ball landed behind a barn. He was going to take an unplayable lie penalty stroke, but his wife said that if he opened up the front and back doors of the barn he could play through the barn.

As John was lining up his shot his wife went to the back of the barn to hold the door open. John stroked the ball and it hit his wife in the head killing her instantly. After that day John swore he would never play golf again.

A couple of year later some guys from work was trying to get him to play golf again. After months of being hounded he gave in and agreed to play a round. They took him to the same course he used to play with his wife. And on the 7th hole his drive put him behind the barn again.

John was about to take an unplayable lie penalty, when one of the guys suggested to open up the barn doors and play through it.

John said "No way! The last time I played that shot I got a nine.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.

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haha lol!!! :)

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