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On 04/08/2012 11:46 AM in MLB

sunday bases

* = one unit

*Single (3-3)(-0.02)
**Double (1-0)(+2.00)
***Triple (0-0)(even)
****Homerun (0-0)(even)
Parlays (0-1)(-100)
Runlines (0-0)(even)

Overall Record (2-3)(+0.98)

Easter Sunday Plays. Will not be home all day, so here is what I got. No more plays from me today.

Dodgers +107 vs. San Diego (triple)………My first three unit play of the season. Red hot vs. Ice cold, it is that simple. How can the Dodgers be a dog. Hope this is not a suckers bet.

Atlanta -118 vs. Mets (single)………Mets were supposed to suck, while Atlanta was supposed to compete for the division title. Teams true colors come out today.

Phillies -130 vs. Pittsburgh (single)……….This is as large of a favorite as you will see me lay on a single bet. Pirates may have tied the series, but Phils have out hit them both games. I thinks Phils bats finally score some runs today.

Parlay risking one unit to win 1.44 units.

Angels vs. Kansas City
Texas -180 vs. White Sox

These parlays are like taking two straights bets who are dogs. Only need to win 50% for a profit. Of course I hope to do better than that. Last year if I remember these were my downfall.

Good Luck Everybody and have a great Easter!!