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05/22/2012 08:04 PM

yesterday 2-2 -1.02 units season 59-49 +10.96 units best bet pick 12-6

the only good thing about mondays picks was i had both the nba plays right but even i had the lakers plus 7.5 in a bet or 2. nothing special tonight,two 1 unit plays

1 unit plays
texas pk -142
angels pk -142

gl e1 and a side note like miami at home tonight even or give the pts.parlay the miami even with your top play and you will have a winner tonight if your play hits

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05/23/2012 01:52 PM

yesterday 2-0 +2.00 units season 61-49 +12.96 units best bet pick 12-6

not a bad tuesday,had the miami game called right.for todays game going to ride the 2 teams from yesterday

1 unit play
angels -152

2.5 unit play and best bet play
texas -136

i might be back with 1 more play tonight and a side note.i like boston to end that series tonight with a win at philly.right now the line is boston +2 so jump on this.gl e1

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05/24/2012 06:37 PM

yesterday 1-1 -2.40 units season 62-50 +10.56 units best bet pick 12-7

wed.could have been better,lost my best bet and boston played like shit.now the good news i have a 3 and a 4 unit play for tonight so i am hoping to get back on track

1 unit play
atlanta pk +113

3 unit play
seattle pk +107

4 unit play and best bet pick
san fran under 7.5 runs -110

for my side note tonight i am still looking for that streak to start and believe me it will.it is just a matter of time before i run off a 9-1 or better.i am just glad at this point to be over 500 and a plus side unit count.as far as my hoops pick for the night i dont have a dam clue.i see that everyone likes miami and over tonight so i went the other way.sometimes you just say the hell with it and go against the pubic opinion.i will not be surprized by any score tonight just hoping it will go my way.o well gl e1 tonight and see you tomorrow

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05/27/2012 11:47 AM

thursday 0-3 -8.00 units season 62-53 +2.56 units best bet pick 12-8

wow what a bad day thursday was lost my 3 and 4 unit pick.i been talking about a streak and i started one going the wrong way.got a few game today so here goes

1 unit plays
cleveland pk +145
texas -1.5 runs +102

2 unit play
orioles pk -139

3 unit play and best bet play
st louis under 8 -110

ok thats it dont know about tomorrow for picks but if i cant have a nice holiday and to all the vets thank you and enjoy your day.i take alot of pride on this day because my great grandfather,grandfather,and my best friend all served.gl e1

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06/12/2012 06:34 PM

season 63-56 -2.50 units best bet plays 12-9

hi everyone,been away for a while.needed a little bit of r & r.i was on a really bad run and took a little break to regroup.
i am back now and hoping to get a streak going before the allstar break.so here goes

1 unit play
mil.brewers pk -160

1.5 unit play
detroit pk -140

2 unit plays
boston pk -107
arizona +1.5 runs -143
yankees -1.5 runs -105

3 unit play and best bet play
san fran -1.5 runs +140

you might want to take san fran even up in a parlay but i like the value at 1.5 runs and think they can cover that
plus i like okla city in the hoops game tonight evenup and giving the points.gl everyone see you wed.

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06/12/2012 07:31 PM