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05/02/2012 03:10 PM

sunday 0-2 -3.56 units season 46-34 +14.45 units best bet 8-5

hi everyone,i have a full card today and a hoops play of the year and a 3 unit play

1 unit play
dodgers pk -160

1.5 unit play
yanks under 10

2 unit play
san fran pk -128

3 unit play
angels -1.5 runs -110

ok my hoops play of the year is memphis pk -300.i know this is a big evenup play at 300 but parlay this with my angels play or your best play if you dont want to play this heads up.memphis is in a must win because they blew the opening game.they will need to even this series with a win or i think they know they will have trouble coming back from 0-2.this willnot count with my season unit plays or win-lost record today but i am go to parlay this with all 4 of my plays today plus using the angels even up.this will put a few dollars in for my summer vacation trip or the family will be eating out less then normal for vacation.lolololol gl e1 hoping for some breaks today and a little luck.

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
05/07/2012 07:05 PM

may 2 2-2 +.34 units season 48-36 +14.79 units best bet 9-5

hi everyone have a full card tonight so here goes

1 unit plays
miami pk -107
st louis pk -115

2 unit plays
philly pk -168
atlanta pk -117
texas pk -130
boston pk -122

2.5 unit play and best bet
angels pk -169

gl e1

marksmoneymakers Posts:29741 Followers:142
05/07/2012 07:23 PM

Your best bet should be an easy winner. Weaver has been unhittable and now they are playing a team that forgot how to hit. I played the runline in this one. I like the Phillies and Atlanta picks as well, along with St Louis. Good Luck!!

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
05/08/2012 05:54 PM

yesterday 5-2 +2.80 units season 53-38 +17.59 units best bet 10-5

hi everyone,we had a alright day monday and with a full card tonight hoping to jump the units alittle higher so here goes

1 unit plays
white soxs over 8 -110
washington pk -111
angels pk -160

1.5 unit play
st louis pk +121

2 unit plays
boston pk -107
toronto pk -111

3 unit play and best bet
detroit pk -181

and a bonus play for everyone----if you been following i hit my hoops play of the year last week with memphis and tonight it might not be my hoops play of the year part 2 but i like this game alot atlanta -1 -110 and like the memphis game this will be a parlay with every 2 unit or better play tonight so find your best play and hookup with atlanta.i think it has a good chance to hit.gl e1

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05/13/2012 12:56 PM

may 8 2-4 -2.26 units season 55-42 +15.33 units best bet pick 11-5

hi everyone,i have a few games for today so here goes

1 unit plays
philly -1.5 runs -115
toronto pk -148
texas under 8.5 -110

2 unit plays
tampa pk -118

3 unit play and best bet play
detroit pk -158

thats it,sorry about not posting some plays the last few days but have not liked alot of the games and capping the hoops playoffs is taking some time.gl today e1 and also happy moms days to all the moms,and guys give the moms and wifes a treat today with flowers or dinner, cant lose with either one

sharpsquare Posts:3190 Followers:5
05/13/2012 01:14 PM

Keep it rolling HM , GL today !

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
05/14/2012 06:40 PM

yesterday 2-3 +1.25 units season 57-45 +16.58 units best bet pick 12-5

hi e1,it is nice to have a losing day but make alittle profit.that dont happen often.i have a small card tonight but 1 is a 3 unit play so here goes

toronto pk -160 1 unit

la angels -1.5 runs +105 3 units

thats it,i need to hit that winning streak that always comes for me somewhere down the road because with a plus side profit now and the normal for me at this time to be fighting to stay at 500 this would be a nice time to have a 15 -2 run or something in that range.hoping it start soon gl tonight e1

marksmoneymakers Posts:29741 Followers:142
05/14/2012 07:02 PM

You have having a decent season. Keep it up. Both picks look good to me tonight. Hope they both hit.

sharpsquare Posts:3190 Followers:5
05/14/2012 07:05 PM

Keep it rolling HM , GL tonight !

hatman Posts:655 Followers:16
05/21/2012 07:01 PM

season 57-47 +11.98 units best bet pick 12-5

hi everyone back with a few picks tonight.i have a 3 unit and a 4 unit play.that dont happen often.

1 unit plays
san fran -113
ny mets -102

3 unit play
orioles over 9

4 unit play and best bet play
atlanta over 9

ok players thats it and a side note on tonight nba playoffs,i love both home teams even up so if you have a good play tonight or you like one of my plays tonight parlay with either or both home teams.remember take the game even up
gl e1