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On 04/06/2012 01:33 PM in MLB

hatmans mlb plays

Chi White Sox vs. Texas, 04/06/2012 14:05
Texas -1½/-115

yesterday 3-1 +3.70 units

texas -1.5 -115 3 units texas looks to be the class of there division again and white soxs lost alot during the off season.texas should have no trouble scoring at home today.

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04/06/2012 01:38 PM

Good Luck Hatter and great day yesterday!

  • All Time Record: 2158-2163-57
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04/06/2012 01:49 PM

GL Hat... Great start to the season... Keep it rolling :)

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04/07/2012 12:20 PM

yesterday 0-1 -3.45 units season 3-2 +.25 units best play 1-0

this really sucks,i have picked 5 winners but my record is 3-2 because i was playing the 1.5 run line and lost two games by 1/2 run.i should have gone with my gut but i hate to play a big favorite lose and then be down big units early in the year.i have a huge card today so here goes

1 unit plays
detroit pk -110 like fister on the hill 7-1 since joining the tigers
dodgers pk -105 again like the pitching matchup in this 1

1.5 unit play
philly -1.5 runs +1.05 again big favorite hoping they score 2 more then pitts.

2 unit plays
washington pk -101 like the pitcher and cubs dont have much
texas -1.5 runs +110 same reason as philly
angels -1.5 runs +110 same as philly

2.5 unit play
seattle pk -116 hernandez against a weak hitting oakland----my best play of day

ok thats it,i have a new thing this year my best play of the day.you will not see this every day but with a big card i will do this.gl e1

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04/07/2012 04:31 PM


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04/09/2012 06:40 PM

sat. 4-3 +1.21 units season 7-5 1.46 units

got a few games for today so here ges

1 unit plays
mil brewers pk -130
bal.orioles pk +142

1.5 unit play
boston over 9.5 -110

2 unit play
texas -1.5 runs -112

2.5 unit play
my best bet of the day and my mlb p.o.d
la angels

gl e1

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04/10/2012 08:08 PM

yesterday 3-2 +2.85 season 10-7 +4.31 units best bet 3-0

3 games tonight

mil brewers pk -113 1.5 units
atlanta pk -170 1 unit

texas -1.5 runs -115 1.5 units

gl e1

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04/10/2012 08:08 PM

no best bet tonight

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04/11/2012 01:41 PM

yesterday 2-1 +.78 units season 12-8 5.09 units best bet 3-0

got a few games today so here goes

1 unit plays
philly under 6
la angels -1.5 runs -110

1.5 unit play
dodgers pk -142

2 unit play
texas -1.5 runs -110

2.5 unit play
san fran -125----- best bet of the day

on a side note,i lost my third game of the year on the 1.5 runline play.two games i lost 1-0 tough way to lose when your team shuts the other out and you lose the game because they cant score 2 dam runs lololo .no breaks so far this year with the runline bet but hoping that turns around soon.on a good note 5 units up so far early in the year.most of the time i fail to get a good start.i am glad to see a fair start. gl today everyone

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04/11/2012 01:48 PM

Great job so far , GL today !