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Report: Dwight Howard wants Stan Van Gundy fired

By Royce Young | NBA Blogger
It looked like everything was behind them, for at least another year. When Dwight Howard waived his early termination option, it finally appeared the Magic could go play some basketball completely distraction free.

Nope. According to WKMG Local 6 Sports Director Dave Pingalore, Howard wants Stan Van Gundy fired.
Pingalore's Magic sources confirm tha tHoward continues to convey to team owners that he wants a change in the coaching staff.
There was an ESPN.com report before the trade deadline that Howard told the Magic to fire Van Gundy. Both parties denied that rumor.
But as one league source told Pingalore,firing Van Gundy will not come as a surprise to people that work in the NBA and that it would come from the direction of Howard.
The league source did say this is pretty much a done deal based on Howard's demands, and the Magic are already putting pieces together to make a decision after the season.
However, one Magic player who did not want his named used said that there is still is a possibility that Van Gundy could return.
“(I) do not think Stan leaving is a done deal yet,” said the player.
If you recall, this isn't the first time this has come up and Van Gundy explicity and very humorously said he doesn't care about being fired. He said then it's the process of being fired that's bad because that normally includes a lot of losing. So if he were fired over something like this, he wouldn't care.

Van Gundy has never had an issue holding back his thoughts which is maybe one reason the team, including Howard, reportedly want a change. He hammers on players. There was even a report last season that Van Gundy agreed to tone it down a little bit at Howard's request.

But as was the case with the Howard trade saga, the Magic need to do some housekeeping. They have way too many leaks, way too many holes in their ship.Too many people talk. They need to keep this stuff in house, in private and handle it outside of media reports. Because now, Van Gundy is going to be asked about this, he'll talk about it and round and round it goes.
The Magic were granted a reprieve from the governor with Howard. And now both he, and the team, need to take advantage of that and just shut up and play ball.

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I'm honestly happy the Lakers didn't get this guy. As happy go lucky as he seems, he's just a wishy washy baby. If Bynum stays healthy, he'll be better (if not already) than Howard is, and can hit free throws as well. Not that Bynum doesn't have maturity issues, but hell, that's 90% of the NBA I guess.

I must be gettin' old... I still think baseball is cool.