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On 04/03/2012 07:11 PM in NBA

nba tuesdays play

yesterday 1-0 +10 units season 1-2 +5.60 units

it was nice to hit my last college play of the year and to go out big with my only posted 10 unit play.if you followed my season i finished 94-84 -1.61 units.i wish it was better but i didnot post any of the march maddness games and i did ok with those games.everything from now to the nba playoffs will be posted here and if you follow my picks they will be the same as my sports monitor picks.i will also be posting my baseball plays,last year my season record was 157-103 +56.41 units.these were all posted plays.i hope the posting helped alittle and good luck with the remaining nba season and the up coming baseball season.

play for tonight
phoenix pk -132 3 units---------sac.kings playing there 4th game in 5 nights,phoenix rested and fighting for a playoff spot.i will take a small favorite.gl e1

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04/03/2012 07:18 PM

Good luck Sir