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On 04/03/2012 02:12 AM in NCAA Basketball

Kentucky did it. They were the best from day 1! NATIONAL CHAMPS

Kentucky was minus 6.5 -$.105 at tip and then at half they were up 41-27. Halftime odds were Kansas minus 1.5 -$1.10. Kentucky finally won by 8, (67-59). This one like VCU vs. Indiana, it seemed Smart and Caliperi slowed it down in the second half. Congrats to all Kentucky fans and bettors. I didn't think the title game lived up to its hype, although T. Robinson from Kansas and A. Davis from Kentucky certainly showcased talents with rebounds 17 & 16 respectively. Robinson also pouring in 18 points. It seemed like another regular season game to me. I was rooting against Kentucky of course, being a Hoosier and Butler fan, but this team never fell below #2 I don't think. 38-2 record in 2011-2012. Wow!

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04/03/2012 04:29 PM

Calipari has changed the dynamics and landscape of the college game by recruting future pros and then maxing out their talents before sending them off to become NBA draft prospects and eventual millionaires. The talent level at the Final Four in New Orleans rivals that of 2008. Kentucky showed last night and throughout this tournament that they would not be outworked by even the upstart collection of competition.

In starting just 3 freshmen and 2 sophomores, Calipari avenged his most painful defeat 4 years ago when Bill Self and Kansas pulled the upset on Memphis. His unselfishness speaks volumes about Big Blue Nation, because this, Kentucky's 8th National Title was all about the players. Kansas was not expected to make it to the title game and showed plenty of heart in doing so. However in the end the Wildcats showed that they were the season's elite and stood up to every challenge with team speed, defense, rebounding, a fearless inside game and a future HOF coach along with the National Championship.

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04/03/2012 04:35 PM

Good post and BTW, did you note the Hedge possible at half? I didn't have a wager on the game starting, but took Ky in the second half figuring that the hedge would not come in. It did though. Wish I'd had a couple or 3 dimes on Kentucky at tip then played on Kansas at half. Game Ky @ minus 6.5 and half Kansas @ minus 1.5; SCORE 41-27 Wildcats @ half. Final 67-59!

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04/05/2012 11:20 AM

expect ky to be there again
the top 2 recruits are still undecided both have ky in their top 3
Nerlens Noel 6'10
Shabazz Muhammad 6'6

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04/07/2012 01:46 PM

The only thing I heard from anyone negative about Ky was Coach Knight, who kept hold of his card about the Cats playing a weak SEC last season. Obviously Coach Knight don't like Ky and esp Calipari, whom he has openly called a cheater and stated publicly that Calipari should not be allowed to coach college athletics. That's between them, but almost every other senior analyst on sports networks across the board had Kentucky winning the championship most certainly after North Carolina was sent home and many even liked Ky over UNC, too. It seemed that way anyhow I thought.


  • 04/30/2012 02:39 PM

    coach knight always has something negative to say.