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On 04/02/2012 09:28 AM in NCAA Basketball

Hey from the Final Four

Hey everyone... I am sorry I haven't posted much I really thought I'd have more time to keep everyone up to date. HA HA HA on that... SOOOOOOOO much excitement and so much to do. This has just been one of the best weeks in my entire life... Not bragging but I have had some wonderful times in my years on this earth and my father took me to lots of places and I've met lots of stars, presidents and important people and trust me this weekend has ranked right up there with the best of those memories.

IF you ever get the opportunity to attend a Final Four... Do IT... You won't regret it... especially if your as big a sports nut as I am. And the kids and the people I have met this weekend from all over this great country... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ATMOSPHERE.

Well Kentucky made it. I am just so excited. Trust me I will be screaming my head off for a Kentucky SEC Winner!

But wow what games the first two were. Spooky and I are still in Shock that Louisville just quit like they did at the end but hey Kentucky won so I won't fight it. As for Ohio and Kansas that one went down to the wire and what an ending. WHAT A TOTALLY WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE... oh I suppose I've said that enough.

I know Spooky and Mrs. H have got to be tired of hearing me say thank you but there aren't enough words for how wonderful these people have been to my husband and I. Spooky => I love ya more and more everyday. Your one in a million (thank God because the world couldn't keep up with two of ya)

Well I gotta scoot. Driving back to N.O. this morning to spend the day on the Steamboat and on the wharf... then off to the game.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and good luck with all your picks.

ME => I am for Kentucky all the way (in case you haven't guessed that)

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04/02/2012 09:50 AM

Hope you enjoy the game tonight! Sadly, I will be at work but will listen to the game on the radio.

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04/02/2012 10:13 AM

Wow glad you're having such a good time....go KY and hope it's another great game!!

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