jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
On 09/11/2011 12:07 AM in NCAA Football


They can't handle San Jose State??? Seriously???????????
Give me a fuckin break........This freAkin team is A-W-E-F-U-L

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
jb Posts:2021 Followers:73
09/11/2011 12:50 AM

UNFUCKINREAL.........the biggest douchebags in the NCAA. Same fuckin play every time. Do ya think the opponent MIGHT just know what your doing next?????????????? Get a freakin CLUE UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!

If it wasn't for sports, I'd have nothing look forward to
jimmythegreek Posts:12592 Followers:392
09/11/2011 01:02 AM

Pretty pathetic if you ask me. They should have blown this team out by 4 TD's considering how they stuck with Houston well last weekend and nearly pulled off the upset.

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aakj Posts:3333 Followers:15
09/12/2011 09:12 AM

thought they would be good this season with alot of starters back, but they are bad