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On 03/30/2012 12:50 PM in General

Winning The Lotto?

To start I am not a lotto player, the Mega Millions Jackpot that has a bunch of states including mine is at an all time high 550million. Its a serious life changer. My Wife told me to go play. I told her I didnt want to. So we had a long chat about it.. I guess my question is would you really want to win that much? Life as you know it, friends & family will be all different. I personally wouldnt want to win that much seriously to me Money doesnt buy everything and while its nice not to worry about it I would be happy with paying my house off and having my girls college funds all taken care of. I will work for the rest....

How bout you?

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03/30/2012 12:56 PM

broke down and purchased a ticket, i never play the lotto, dad has won it couple hundred here and there but nothing big

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03/30/2012 01:46 PM

I normally buy a ticket if it's over $100 mil....

Now up to $640 mil....crazy crazy...

For this one there are 4 of us at work who each put in $20 so we have 80 chances....I normally wouldn't do that but everyone else wanted to so what the hell...

Really it's a crazy amount of money - I think if it gets that high they should have 6 winners at a $100 mil each just to spread it around...

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03/30/2012 02:42 PM

I used to be a lot more of a lotto player, when the chances of winning were a lot better than they are today. Sure the prizes weren't nearly as much, but for these mega millions jackpots you'd best be sure I'll take part. For as hard as I've worked in the past it would only put a happy ending by fairly and squarely winning a jackpot that will change my life forever going forward.

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03/30/2012 04:06 PM

I've actually talked about this with friends. I know, call me crazy, but I'm with ya, I'm not sure I'd want to win THAT much. People asking you for money, who to take care of, who not to, etc. I'd be happy winning enough to pay off my house and have maybe 200k or more in the bank. Keep working, able to take more extravagant vacations maybe. I don't need a lamroghini or a mansion to be happy. I'd think there would be plenty of headaches to go with all that coin.

With all that said, I did buy a few tickets. :)

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03/30/2012 08:18 PM

Was told a group of Wall Street investors have already secured every possible combination, made a 176 million dollar investment to take the 600 million plus jackpot. Let's all hope that several other people hit it this week as well so these money junkies don't make a profit.

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