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On 03/30/2012 12:43 PM in General

Parlays and Teaser Tracking Live!

You can post and track your parlays now in the monitor. In addition all picks will be threaded together when posting into the forum

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03/31/2012 08:39 PM

ryan,you still might want to look at the teaser monitor,i had kentucky with kansas and unless i messed up it has the bet as a loss and kentucky covered on the first part of teaser.if you can check it out and let me know if i made the mistake.if i did make it let me know what i did wrong.thanks

  • 03/31/2012 08:51 PM

    Your right, thanks for the heads up. Not sure what happened. Wondering if the score posted wrong and bet was settled wrong and then a new score update came and the pick scoring didnt update. Either way will get it fixed

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04/01/2012 02:45 PM

Looks like parlays are grading wrong as well not sure what happened it will be fixed and updated Monday

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04/02/2012 09:23 PM

The scoring issue has been fixed

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04/03/2012 03:19 AM

nice job, btb

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04/03/2012 10:11 AM

A really cool feature I just noticed is the hot cappers over the last 7 days. It just becomes more and more informative!

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