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On 09/10/2011 09:08 PM in NCAA Football


weird day for me in foots today or so it seems....had some weird scores...pitt barely beating maine?..fresno up on neb 17-14....v.tech just getting by e.car...one game i loved but it scared the hell out of me was tcu+1 over airforce....i shoulda played it ..i liked them at -1...but it looked like a trick line, where they were begging me to bet tcu...but then the public got on air force, so then i thought i should bet it..but still layed off, and they covered...im doing well, need houston to start rolling here, and utah to come back 2 games i added late...probably should not have...but i really didnt see many games i liked period as i told a member here on the phone this week...the ones i capped early this week, fiu+4, rutgers+10.5,wake forest+1.5 and s.car...well s.car gives up a late td cause they could, i hate that...its called the prevent me from covering defense..lmao...luckly i got that at 2.5 like a few others did, but even a push was good there...nfl is alot tuffer then college, so tomorrow will be the true test, being week 1 anything can happen...was listening to espn radio yesterday, and they talk to the WISEGUYS who bet, the big money movers, and they are with me on seattle, and buff, and carolina,...funny how those lines were all 5.5 or 5 at 1 time and a couple opened at that...mostly its not wiseguy money that moves lines, its public...big differance...my 5 pt theory was put to test thurs, with n.o. almost having a chance to win outright, but they didnt cover..and 1st week i dont count anyway...but also in there is , carolina, seattle, the rams, and buff..ant to see how they do..only the rams being the home dog there....i am keeping track this yr, of teams where the line opens at 5 or 5.5...so sunday night keep an eye out..remember , these lines when put out are first sent to offshore books, then within 2 hrs vegas post them...they do that so that they can get a feel as to where money will be going...so many big players bet offshore,and they either bet it or layoff, if they lay off, the casino knows they have a good line, and if bet vegas can then adjust it...i always see what the first lines are..old friend of mine from toledo ohio named billy scott, started WWTS, THE first offshore book in antigua, he was a book here then fled authorities and lives in antigua still today...he sold 50% of wwts about 4 yrs ago for 20 mill...he was trying to work out a deal with the feds to be able to return...anyway enough about that..its really interesting stuff, hbo did a SPECIAL on this about 6 yrs ago or so, and they were in antigua with billy scott, talking about offshore gambling, and football betting..thats where i learned all that..being a book for 20+ yrs has helped but was always interested in this stuff bigtime...anyway..wishing everyone the best of luck 151 hope tomorrow is a great day

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